A reflection by Adam Pandey, MYP4 student at SEK Dublin

Every morning I wake up in, stuck in the same place with the only pass to travel 2 kilometres from my home. That may be a problem, but my friends and teachers at my online class sure do cheer me up. After all, they are also stuck at their homes. Therefore, you could say it is a collateral cheer up.

The subjects taught at school are the same. However, they have not lost their touch for example; in maths, we did a visualization project. We were allowed to make PowerPoint presentations posters and all sorts fun projects. As I said, the subjects did not lose their touch.

At first, I thought that everything was going to be essays on a word document since we could not write in our books. However, my teachers found out a solution. We could use an app called Microsoft lens to scan our work and send it to the teachers. I had not thought of that before. Now posters were made possible.

After online learning became my day-to-day thing, I got used to it. The extra activities at the end each tiring school day along with the ten-minute breaks were very helpful. They really relaxed me. The Yoga sessions, the healthy body sessions with Mr. James and the free challenge periods with all the teachers really helped bring my mind to a rest.

Adam Pandey.

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