Maths week at SEK-Dublin

Maths Week 2020 has been both tremendous and fun for both students and staff alike. It allowed our students to see mathematics from many different perspectives, particularly those that captivated individual attention.

The focus this year was to encourage and promote a positive attitude towards the discipline among students and allow them the chance to visualize the topic from more perspectives than one.

Students had fun solving puzzles by applying their critical thinking skills to produce unique solutions.

MYP 4 and 5 students created a maths display board to encourage students and teachers to work out riddles and to solve logical problems. Diploma Programme brought their classroom skills out to the playground where they used their knowledge of Error Analysis to find their unique percentage errors for their approximation of π using both a basketball and a tennis ball.

We ended off Maths Week 2020 on a sweet note. The MYP2 and 3 cohort explored geometry by creating their own polyhedra and discussing the creation which they had produced.

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