Visit to the EPIC Museum: The Irish Immigration Museum

The students of SEK-Dublin had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of Ireland during a visit to the prestigious EPIC Museum in Dublin. This museum, renowned worldwide, is a true educational treasure that takes visitors on a fascinating journey through the stories and contributions of the Irish throughout the centuries. 

The visit to the EPIC Museum is much more than a simple stroll through the exhibits; it is an enriching educational experience that provides our students with the opportunity to develop essential skills for their academic and personal growth. These Saturday excursions not only offer a welcomed break from the classroom but also foster the development of key skills, such as research, empathy, and an appreciation of cultural diversity. 

Research is fundamental during this visit, as our students have the chance to explore the numerous stories and themes presented in the museum. Through research, they learn how to seek relevant information, analyze data, and form informed opinions. 

Empathy is promoted as our students immerse themselves in the lives and experiences of the individuals whose stories are narrated in the museum. They learn to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others, which is essential for fostering empathy and mutual understanding in an increasingly diverse world.

The appreciation of cultural diversity is highlighted as we explore the contributions of the Irish worldwide. Students gain a deeper understanding of how Irish culture has influenced and been influenced by other cultures, promoting tolerance and respect for diversity.