SEK-Dublin Summer

The SEK-Dublin Summer Program kicked off with an exciting and diverse range of activities for its students, making the first two weeks an unforgettable experience. Highlights included a football camp led by renowned Argentinian football player Gustavo Lopez, where students honed their skills and learned valuable techniques. Tennis sessions provided excellent training and fun competition, while horse riding offered students a chance to connect with nature and develop new equestrian skills. 


The program also featured thrilling sailing adventures, giving students hands-on experience navigating the waters. The Irish experience sessions immersed students in local culture and traditions, enhancing their appreciation for Ireland’s rich heritage. Additionally, science workshops sparked curiosity and innovation, while pre-IB and mid-IB courses prepared students academically for the International Baccalaureate program.


These initial weeks set a positive tone for the summer, blending sports, culture, and education in a comprehensive and engaging manner.