Our ethos, mission, and values reflect the idea from the 1st SEK Convention, 1969:

“SEK places individual freedom above all else”


Our Ethos is a framework for all the SEK Educational Community and reflects the Group’s unique nature. Drafted almost half a century ago, its spirit remains unchanged.

SEK Education Group is ‘at the service of the common human spirit of achievement, striving for a better society’ and is founded on the following principals:

  • I. Students and their world are the measure of the life and education at the SEK Group: it respects them as individuals, strives to awaken their abilities and to ensure they fully realise their potential as individuals.
  • II. SEK Education Group believes in educating in freedom for freedom. SEK accepts the challenge implied by this, and encourages students to accept responsibility for their own actions.
  • III. It aims to respect the pluralistic values of its students (individual, historical, cultural and religious values).
  • IV. It encourages the principals of universal solidarity in its teaching staff and students. It values work, an essential factor in personal worth and advancement, as an aspect of sociability, not in terms of rivalry and ambition.
  • V. SEK Education Group is open to the world and the age we live in, it is open to innovations in educational quality and to those teaching and cultural bodies that share its aspiration of creating a more cultured society and bettering humanity as a whole.

Institución SEK




Our mission is to help students become proactive global citizens by providing learning experiences which focus on concept based inquiry and reflection thus helping them develop intellectually and emotionally, while acquiring a lifelong passion for learning.




These are the values that guide our teaching activity and that we encourage in the classroom:

  • Biological: physical and mental health.
  • Ethical conduct: personally and towards others
  • Aesthetics: raising awareness, good taste and creativity. Respecting diversity: respecting other ways of being, thinking and acting.
  • Universal coexistence: justice, peace and solidarity
  • Intellectual: wisdom, logical rigour and discipline
  • Work: as a means to personal realisation and dignity
  • Truth: adapting thinking to reality
  • Freedom: a supreme ideal and tied to responsibility.
  • Personality: behavioural standards, knowing how to be, how to act and to behave
  • Metaphysical: open to transcendent values

Institución SEK