Studying at our private school SEK-Dublin is much more than just going to school. SEK-Dublin provides all necessary services to foster a balanced environment where students can develop in the classroom and beyond.

Pastoral Care and Guidance

The school has a Guidance Department staffed by experts, specialists in the different educational age groups, which coordinates detection of and intervention with respect to student learning difficulties and teaching staff actions.

It produces reports on the progress of students for the guidance of teachers and families.

It also provides advice for students in higher school stages with respect to university choices and professional training both national and international.



Medical and Health Service

Medical Service. International students can attend either the Greystones medical centre or the VHI Swift Clinic, always accompanied by the family coordinator, Ms. Caroline Leonard. If necessary, we also provide a house-call service outside of surgery hours.

All international students must bring a private health insurance policy

SEK School Insurance

Optional private insurance whose aim is to guarantee academic, learning and complementary service continuity to our students until the end of their studies at our schools, in case of the death of the insured.

The cover offered by the School Insurance includes school work and activities, half board, school transport, books and school equipment, registration fees, medical insurance and psychotechnical attention.

All international students must bring a private health insurance policy.






The SEK-Dublin Meals Service counts with kitchen and self-catering, where the special dietary needs of our students are catered for. Menus published each term with daily dinner recommendations and nutritional analysis.

It is a mandatory service for all students at the school.

The dining areas offer menus adapted for students with allergies, sufferers of coeliac disease, students with intolerance meal options or other exceptional needs.

Teachers from the school supervise the service to reinforce the acquisition of good nutritional habits and table manners.




The school has its own bus services covering closest cities. Teachers from the School supervise the route. The routes are subject to change according to demand. Consult the school’s Transport Coordinator.

The transport service is provided by our own fleet of coaches, certified to ISO 9001 Quality Standards guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards.

The service is supervised by school staff. All coaches have seat belts.



SEK Education Group sets aside every year a financial aid fund to meet the possible financial difficulties of our educational community. The main objective of this fund is to help those members of our community who at a specific moment are going through periods of financial difficulty. The aid provided during the pandemic has been particularly significant, due to the pandemic’s impact on many members of our community. We strive to continue our work, with the same objective, and with the conviction that the fairest approach is to assess each case on a case-by-case basis.


In order to apply for financial aid, please fill out the form on this page and send it by email to The documentation requested in this form, is solely intended to analyse the situation of each family and adapt the fund to the particular circumstances of each member of our Community. All applications received before 15 June will be studied by an ad hoc Committee which will take into account, among other criteria, the number of students belonging to the family unit, the seniority at the school, if any member of the family are former students and, above all, their employment and / or financial situation.

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The SEK Uniform has been recognized as the clothing for our students since more than 50 years ago.

The school uniform is mandatory for all students.

School uniform and sports kit