Admissions procedure

Taking into consideration the individual differences of each new pupil, we have designed an admissions process that allows us to get to know the pupil and their family, and respond to their particular needs. Limited places.

Stages of the Admissions Procedure

  • Request information via the web, email or telephone
  • Arrange, with the New Pupils Officer, a visit to the school, if required.
  • Complete the online registration form sent by the Pupils Officer.
  • Arrange interview and entrance exam.
  • The Admissions Committee will send the final response to the family as soon as the corresponding decision has been taken.

For all queries please send an email to:

Our admissions policy can be downloaded here.

International Pupils

The New Pupils Officer will offer guidance and support to international pupils to help them integrate themselves into school life. Every pupil is continuously monitored by a tutor throughout their academic career.


The SEK Educational Group offers annual scholarships through the Felipe Segovia Foundation. For more information consult the scholarships programme.


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