Curriculum Enrichment Activities

At SEK-Dublin we offer a wide programme of cultural activities which take place on Saturday mornings.



Cultural Visits

Pupils are given the opportunity to visit museums, art galleries and places of cultural interest both in Dublin and in the areas around the school.

Trips and Excursions

Trips are organised every term to get to know Ireland’s main cities. By means of programmed activities, Team Building activities are encouraged which have a direct impact on how students interact when they return to the school. Every year, students can get to know cities such as Galway, Cork or Belfast in order to round off their programme of cultural visits.

Community and Culture

At SEK-Dublin we take advantage of every opportunity to exchange learning experiences with pupils from schools in the local community to foster values of global citizenship. We play an active part in the local environment, in community and voluntary service projects.

Within the language acquisition programme we prepare pupils for examinations offered by the Cervantes Institute, Alliance Française, the Goethe Institute and the University of Cambridge. SEK-Dublin pupils take the examinations in June.