SEK Dublin International School currently offers two accommodation options for international students. On the one hand, it offers accommodation with local host families, and on the other at its on campus boarding facilities.

On campus International Boarding

A personal growth experience

When boarding at SEK-Dublin students are part of an international community sharing knowledge and experiences and ensuring a unique, enriching and unforgettable experience.

  • Cultural enrichment thanks to living with other boarders from different nationalities.
  • Total English language immersion since English is the common language among boarders.
  • Personal growth and development.
  • Children mature and gain self-confidence and learn to accept responsibilities.
  • The boarding halls have round the clock security to guarantee the safety of all boarders.



Home Stay Programme

Feel at home: your Irish family

The Irish family with which each student boards becomes their main support. It is a unique opportunity to get to know about the life, customs and culture of the country from the inside.

  • Our Irish families are chosen after a rigorous process.
  • Every family offers a stable, welcoming and safe boarding environment.
  • We guarantee to undertake continuous monitoring so that the student feels perfectly at home, and we always assign the family that best fits each student profile.
  • Families welcome one student only, which makes settling in easier in a warm family environment, establishing long-lasting links of friendship.




If you are from an EU country, you do not need a visa to study in Ireland and you do not need to register with the department of immigration. If you are from a country which it is not in the EU, you will need a visa to study in Ireland.

Students from countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina can arrive in Ireland without a visa, but with a letter of acceptance from the school, and get their student visa after they arrive.

Students from China and Venezuela (for example) will need to organise a visa through their local embassy before they arrive.

The Irish Immigration Service has a webpage where you can check whether you need a visa to study in Ireland. You can access it from here.



Guardianship/host family

Guardianship is a practical and moral support system for young students who are studying in a foreign country, away from their parents. It provides reassurances to students, their parents, and the schools they are attending, that should a student need any additional care, support or assistance, there is somebody nearby who can, and will, help.

If an international student does not have relatives or close friends living in Ireland who will act as a guardian or host family, then you must engage the services of a guardian.

The cost of guardianship can range from €1,000-€4,000 a year, depending on the level of service you require. To assist parents in the selection of guardians, the school has a list with details of agencies and individuals who act as guardians to students already in the school, but we do not recommend any specific agency or individual. All international students must have a guardian during their time in the school, regardless of their age.

Stay tuned for upcoming plans regarding the Dublin Boarding House.

Until then boarding students are encouraged to take advantage of our homestay programme.