SEK-Dublin offers a wonderful opportunity for students from our sister schools and from abroad to come and study in the only English speaking country in the EU.

Ireland is one of the safest and most dynamic young countries in Europe, providing a nurturing place to come and study. SEK-Dublin provides a fully immersive English environment for students coming from different countries. Our entire curriculum is delivered in English. In addition to this, we offer French, Spanish, German and Irish. These are offered at various levels, from beginner level right up to the study of literature. At request, we can also offer classes to support students in other world languages.

What is more, our rigorous programme and small class sizes mean that, from mathematics to science, the humanities to the arts our students are challenged in an academic environment which ensures their progress and preparation at the very best level.

As an international school we have several accreditations and programmes that are open to all of our students.

For our students coming from Spain, we are fully accredited to offer the Spanish Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) in all years. This means you can continue with ESO in Ireland.

We are undergoing NEASC accreditation in 2020-21 and will soon be able to offer an accredited American High School Diploma, to all students graduating the DP.

For students whose mother tongue is not English, we offer the renowned Cambridge language examsti in addition to this, we also offer the French DELF and German Goethe Institute Exams.

We offer various academic timeframes for those families not resident in Ireland:

  • 2 years IB Diploma (preparing students to study at the very best universities around the world)
  • 5 year MYP programme

Inmersion programmes

The following timeframes are open to SEK and other students, currently abroad, who wish to come to SEK-Dublin for a shorter time period to continue their studies and live in an immersive English environment.

  • o 1 term MYP (September to December)
  • o 2 terms MYP (January to June)
  • o 1 year MYP
  • o 2 years DP

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